Kin Khao

Kin = eat;   Khao = rice

In Thailand, to eat is to eat rice. So, colloquially, when we say “kin khao” we mean “to eat” or “let’s eat”

Pim Techamuanvivit

Chef / Proprietor

Born and raised in Bangkok, Pim took a circuitous route through the world of food–from writing, teaching, to jam making [ahem, award-winning jam making]–before finding her way back home to the food she grew up with. Longing for Thai food of richer quality and variety in the U.S. Pim is now on a mission to liberate her beloved Thai cuisine from the tyranny of peanut sauce. Her Thai cooking has earned effusive praise from world-class chefs like Alain Passard and Rene Redzepi. Kin Khao is her first (and hopefully not last) restaurant project.



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